Memphis Grizzlies open charter school for boys

(WMC-TV) – Several new charter schools are opening in the Memphis area and one of them has ties to an NBA franchise: The Memphis Grizzlies Prep Charter School.

After closing the Memphis Grizzlies Academy in 2010, the Grizzlies Foundation announced Wednesday that their new charter school will cater to middle school boys and their lifelong success.

Former Grizzly Elliot Perry addressed the incoming class of the new Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory Charter School for boys.

"For me this is a personal journey, to be able to look in these young men and look in their eyes, I see myself," said Perry.

The reception to announce the school's opening was held at FedEx Forum.

"I was excited when I got the phone call that he had been accepted," said Likita Daniels, future Grizzlies Prep mom.

Daniels said she is willing to do whatever it takes for her son to succeed at his new school.

"They've already asked me about carpooling, reading, it doesn't matter. I just want to be there to help him and any other child," she said.

Kylin Robinson already knows the key to achieving his dreams.

"To have a good education and I would have to do everything I could to be good in school," said Robinson.

The new Grizzlies Preparatory school will open at 168 Jefferson Ave with 75 sixth graders. It will add one grade each year until 8th grade.

"We're really excited to have a building in the downtown area. It's central to so many parts of town," said Founding Director Elizabeth Simpson.

Perry says the school provides families with an option outside of their zip code.

"Schools should no longer look different. If one school doesn't work for a kid then maybe another school will work," he said.

Simpson said the curriculum will emphasize integrity, excellence, perseverance, courage, and commitment.

"That's our end goal is that all of our students will go to and through college and that way they could have absolutely every option that they could want in life," said Simpson.

Grizzlies Prep was approved by the new Unified School Board and will open its doors on Monday, July 30. Directors are still actively recruiting teachers but all student openings have been filled for the fall.

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