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Central figure in ETX bigamy case speaks out


An East Texas woman, whom four men claim to have been married to at the same time, is sharing her side of the story for the first time.

Those men allege that 32-year-old Candice Andrade-Garza  'cleaned them out financially.'

She lives now as Candice Smith, and met with us to explain how she came to be married to four different men at the same time.

Did she know that bigamy was a felony in the state of Texas?

"I would assume bigamy is a felony in every state but Utah," she says.

Last June Gregg County residents Quinton Garza and Shelby Key found that they were both married to Smith, and claimed that Smith stole from them before leaving them.

"I never stole anything from them," Candice says.

"She cleans me out, puts me $20,000 in debt, totals my Firebird and steals 75 percent of everything I own. I can't believe it," says husband number three, Shelby Key.

"That's definitely false; I definitely didn't take anything there. I've watched them on television. I've got a picture of it in front of me where he's holding 3 marriage licenses and right next to it I see divorce was granted," she says.

Did she know she was committing bigamy?

"Yes I did know," she says.

Smith claims she has a medical condition that causes memory lapse.

"I don't recall marrying Shelby," Smith says.

She says she left two of the marriages because of abuse.

"It became abusive and I left as soon as I could," she says.

Smith says divorce papers were filed in all marriages.

"I grew up here this is a small town, I definitely want to be exonerated," Candice says.

In the end she wants it all to be over with.

"I want nothing more than this marriage I'm in to last forever and I want it to be legal," says Candice.

Candice Smith is currently married again and hoping to clear up all of the other divorces from the previous marriages with authorities.

She is not charged with any crime at this time.


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