Body of Adam Mayes to be donated to science

(WMC-TV) - Teresa Mayes' sister, Bobbi Booth is delighted that Adam Mayes' body is being donated to science.

"That's awesome," she said. "He gets what he deserves. He took two lives away."

It seems no family members wanted Adam Mayes' body. His wife and mother are behind bars charged with conspiracy in the kidnapping and murder in April of JoAnn Bain and her 14-year-old daughter Adrienne.

"He's not even there anymore, she added." He's in hell. Why waste $8,000 on a funeral for a man that's done what he's done?"

Mayes shot himself in the head when authorities cornered him in the woods with Bain's two youngest daughters who were not physically harmed. Mayes body has been in Jackson, Mississippi at the state Medical Examiner's office.

"I received paperwork that had been signed by Mr. Adam Mayes wife, Teresa which has given permission to release the body to the Forensics Anthropology Center," said Union County Medical Examiner, Mark Golding.

Golding says it is an ideal solution. He has been working on a solution for quite some time because Union County is responsible for the body.

He isn't sure exactly how Mayes body will be used. But bodies donated to the UT Forensic Anthropology Center usually go to the Body Farm, where bodies are placed outside where decomposition can be studied in various settings.

"Like he left Joann and the little girl, said Booth. "I mean tit for tat. It doesn't bother me at all."

Golding along with his deputy are transporting Adam Mayes body in a Union County coroner's van. He said their plan is to drop off Mayes' body at UT around 7 a.m. Memphis time.  They will hold a press conference shortly after that.

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