Memphis City Schools' website fails transparency test

(WMC-TV) - A non-profit group that promotes government transparency flunked the Memphis City School's website.

The Sunshine Review gave the website an 'F' for financial transparency.

Memphis City Schools has one of the worst websites for government transparency according to the Sunshine Review.

Kristine McMurray works with the Sunshine Review.

"Memphis City Schools did not do well in our transparency check list, in fact, they failed," she said.

They have a 10 point transparency checklist. They check for audits, current, and former budgets, academic performance, use of tax money , e-mails, and phone numbers of school leaders and board members.

Out of 280 school systems in 28 states, Sunshine Review says Memphis City Schools had the worst evaluation.

"You can only fail so much, to be honest, most districts got between a C and a D grade," said McMurray.

To be fair, Tennessee's 11 largest school systems got an average grade of a D for website transparency

but Shelby County schools got a High B, almost an A.

So why is this important? It is about parents having the information to evaluate schools, teachers, and administrators.

"When you really want to evaluate a school you have to look at how it is conducting itself," said McMurray. "If you are going to be going to a PTA meeting it's important to know that the school is granting you access to this information."

Memphis City Schools responded to the grade it was given with the following statement:

"MCS is in compliance with government regulations regarding website transparency of information. The assessment by the Sunshine Review, a non-profit reviewer of government websites, is not based on objective data or generally accepted principles."

To read more about the Sunshine Review's website transparency grades, click here.

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