Graceland celebrates 30 years with unique vision

Graceland / Courtesy of Wiki Commons
Graceland / Courtesy of Wiki Commons

(WMC-TV) – New technology will allow Elvis fans to see the King on stage once again.

As Graceland celebrates its 30th year as a tourist destination, Elvis Presley Enterprises is now also going digital.

Plans are underway to partner with the company Digital Domain to produce Elvis in a digital form that would allow you to see his image on stage during a concert.

A similar idea was recently featured during a concert honoring rapper Tupac Shakur.

"The fact is, we've been looking at musion effect and holographic-like technologies for a couple of years," said Elvis Presley Enterprises CEO Jack Soden.

The talk of concerts where you can see the King on stage has a lot of fans excited.

"Elvis is huge. Elvis is an icon. Elvis is the Michael Jackson of his age. What Michael Jackson is to me, Elvis is to my parents," said Naz Faridian, California Graceland visitor.

It will be a unique addition to help celebrate 30 years as a popular tourist destination.

"In a couple of weeks, we are going to hit the 18 million visitor mark," said Soden.

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