After Cottonmouth bite, woman warns of snakes in the area

(WMC-TV) - A DeSoto County woman is recovering after a scary poisonous snake bite earlier this week.

Lisa Pike is still in a lot of pain and cannot put any pressure on her swollen foot.

First responders thought the snake was a baby rattlesnake, but an expert at the Memphis Zoo tells Action News 5 that it was a baby cottonmouth.

"I felt something bite me or sting me, I thought it was a wasp," said Pike.

But instead, it was a poisonous cottonmouth sunbathing right next to the family pool.

Pike says the pain was excruciating.

"Another way to describe it was if a house fell on your foot and it was just on your foot constantly 24 hours a day," Pike said.

Chris Baker handles the venomous snakes at the Memphis Zoo.

"The animal that caused the envenomation appears to have been a young of the year," said Baker.

Baker says the cottonmouth may have been just a few months old, but their bites are still dangerous.

"The most important thing you can have in case of a bite is car keys and cell phone, call ahead to the hospital," Baker advised.

Cottonmouths, copperheads, and even a rare rattlesnake can be found in Tennessee and Mississippi, but the treatment is all the same.

Baker says have been more visible this year because of the mild winter.

"The main thing is snakes like to be near food and shelter, so you don't want to have overgrown areas, woodpiles, things of that like," Baker continued. "Make sure you watch where you put your hands if you're gardening."

Pike is on medication for her swollen foot. It is black and blue and full of pain.

"If you have shoes on, there's a good chance yon won't get bitten. I assume the bitten party was probably wearing flip flops or sandals," Baker guessed.

He was right. Pike admits to wearing flip flops on the hot day, but says she will think twice in the future.

"You can't take it for granted that you can just walk in your yard during the summer especially around water areas, like a little pond and just pooled water like at my pool where he was," Pike said.

Pike says since the snake was young, she knows the mother is out there, possibly with other babies.

She does not want others to suffer the same pain, so she says to watch before you step, and be careful.

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