Reviving Raleigh Springs Mall

(WMC-TV) - There are new efforts underway to revive the now desolate Raleigh Springs Mall.  But one Mid-South lawmaker is not convinced mall management is up for the task.

The Raleigh Springs Mall has been on the decline since the 1990's  The mall's manager is fighting to keep the property up and running despite what one state representative has to say about it.

Whether it's weed eating, shoveling, picking up trash, or planting flowers, church members at the Raleigh Assembly of God are vowing to keep the area around Raleigh Springs Mall clean.  That's why the church is adopting the facility.

"We believe there's hope in it.  We believe God can turn this mall around, bring businesses and life to this community," said Troy Powell with Raleigh Assembly of God.

"We have people who dump here every night.  They dump their rugs, trash, leaves, and everything here," stated Juanita Jones, the manager of Raleigh Springs Mall.

State Representative Antonio Parkinson says the Raleigh Springs Mall has fallen into a huge state of disrepair and it's the owner of the facility who should ultimately be held responsible.

"If the owner does not come into compliance with the laws and what ordinances are for the city of Memphis/Shelby County and the state of Tennessee something else needs to be done.  Would I be opposed to the mall being torn down?  Absolutely not," Parkinson stated.

The mall has definitely had its share of issues including complaints about lights being off, inoperable bathrooms, and employees who have claimed that checks were bouncing from the owner.

"The lights are not out, they're on.  We had a minor problem once or twice with the checks being changed to our accounts but that's hopefully resolved," Jones said.

Jones says the positives outweigh the negatives.

"My employees are loyal, my tenants are loyal, that's why I'm here.  I fight for them.  I'm trying to make this a better place for them and the community," Jones stated.

Representative Parkinson said he has also sent a letter to Mayor AC Wharton asking him and his administration to get involved.

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