Memphis makes list of 'top cities to buy home'

(WMC-TV) - If you are thinking about packing your bags and leaving Memphis to move to another city, you may want to reconsider. The city is on Zillow's 2012 list as one of the top five cities to buy a home.

According to Zillow's blog the real estate market is showing signs of recovery. In many areas, home prices are rising and bidding wars on homes are starting to surface.

To create its list, the real estate website looked at housing prices and compared them with local incomes, home value trends, unemployment rates and whether buying makes more sense than renting.

The top city on the list is Grand Rapids, Michigan where the average home value is $108,000.

Others cities on the list are:

• Oklahoma City

• Rochester, N.Y.

• Dallas

• Memphis, TN

• Dayton, Ohio

Take a look at the full list by clicking here.

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