$300,000 in unclaimed money owed to Shelby County residents

(WMC-TV) - Right now there is nearly $300,000 in unclaimed cash and it could be yours.

The General Sessions Court clerk says the money belongs to Memphis and Shelby County residents.

Clerk's office officials say around 2,400 residents will soon be receiving letters instructing them to come and get the unclaimed money.

If you have been in Shelby County general sessions court in the past 12 years, you're likely to get a surprise in the mail soon.

"Today, I'm proud to announce that we have nearly three hundred thousand dollars that will be reimbursed to citizens starting today," says Shelby County General Sessions Court Clerk Pro Tempore Ed Stanton.

During a news conference Friday, Shelby County interim clerk Ed Stanton said a recent state audit helped him to uncover this unclaimed money.

"I believe it was unfair to the hardworking citizens of Memphis and Shelby County and that was unacceptable to me," Stanton continues.

On average, recipients will be getting anywhere from fifty to one hundred dollars.

One lucky person will be getting back more than eleven hundred dollars in overpayment.

Clerk's office officials say this unclaimed money comes from people overpaying court costs and judgments since the year 2000.

"When a person has a garnishment, the employer may have issued a check at the same time that an order was issued for a stay...so there's a timing difference so the money we've received is due back to the recipient," adds General Sessions Court Director of Finance Adrienne Evans.

It's simple to claim your funds.

First, bring the original letter with valid driver's license or state issued I. D.

Next, complete a check request and allow four to six weeks for processing.

And finally, a check for your unclaimed money can be mailed or picked up at the clerk's office.

Clerk's office officials say they've put safeguards in place to keep this from happening again.

"We have an electronic payment process that will automatically send a letter out every quarter notifying the person of an overpayment," says Evans.

The clerk's office tells me if you're due some of this unclaimed money, you'll be getting a letter in the mail.

Some of those letters were mailed Friday.

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