Radio talk show host posts video rant about Memphis Pyramid

Screenshot from YouTube video
Screenshot from YouTube video

(WMC-TV) - Construction is well underway at the Memphis Pyramid to turn the former "Tomb of Doom" into one of the largest Bass Pro Shops in the country.

But that has not slowed down conspiracy theorists who are breathing new life into an old tale about a mysterious happening that was uncovered shortly after the facility opened.

A crystal skull was discovered and subsequently removed from the tip-top of the pyramid, shortly after it opened.

Now, thanks to radio talk show conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the arena is again in the national spotlight as a cornerstone of one of his rants against the occult.

"You can see the pyramid behind me; it was built back in the early 1990s by John and Isaac Tigrett. These guys are admittedly into the occult. You can just look up their name in all of the local newspapers," said Alex Jones.

Jones' so-called "facts" are mostly slanderous in the Internet video entitled "Devil Pyramid Rotting in Memphis".

In his Internet video, Jones said, "No one would go there anymore because of deaths, flooding, and electrical problems and everything else you can imagine."

The "Devil Palace," as Jones calls it, stayed in use throughout most of 2005 but was used less and less after FedEx Forum opened in 2004 as home court for the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies.

"You failed! Your devil worship failed! The hillbillies, the country boys can survive, the John Deere hat wins. You lose, we win, your big devil palace is falling down!" said Jones in the video.

Memphis leaders, of course, hope the Pyramid does not fall but that it instead rises as a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts and good family fun when Bass Pro sets up shop.

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