Missing man found after massive search, questioned by police

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South man at the center of a multi-agency missing person search is safe tonight and in police custody.

Authorities are piecing together clues to determine what happened to John Wilson, 39, moments after he claims he was abducted.

Detectives say Wilson's story is not matching up with what they discovered during their investigation.

Authorities are now questioning him after he led multiple agencies on a massive search for him all afternoon.

Around 10:30 Sunday morning, Wilson disappeared from an area near Cayce Road and Woodsdale Circle, north of the Victoria community, under mysterious circumstances.

Several hours later, investigators received information that led them to Wilson and the car he was in.

Wilson and the vehicle were spotted on Isaac Chapel Road several miles away from where he was believed to have disappeared.

"He made a statement that he was abducted from an area in Marshall County from gunpoint and had been driven around for several hours and they decided they taught him a lesson and gave him his vehicle back," said Major Kelly McMillen, Marshall County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives say the incident began after someone called Wilson's girlfriend Sunday morning to say that he was missing.

Authorities immediately suspected foul play. They also feared Wilson might be injured, but in the end, he was not.

"If it turns out that this is a false call or if he's done this because he's fighting with his girlfriend or whatever to get back at her or whatever, then we'll deal with it and they'll be some charges that'll come from this," said Major McMillen.

Dozens of family members and friends gathered at the scene, confused about the whole situation. Others worried the search for Wilson may have been a hoax all along.

Investigators have also taken four other people in for questioning regarding this incident. However, none of them have been charged.

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