Men arrested for selling homemade 'iPads'

(WMC-TV) - If you are searching for a great deal on the latest iPad or Macbook, do not go to your local gas station.  Over the weekend, two men got creative in Memphis when they attempted to "iScam" potential buyers.

According to a police affidavit, two men tried to sell "Apple" products to a woman while she was pumping gas.  After refusing their offer the woman called police. When officers arrived they stopped the men in a white Lincoln and saw the products they were trying to sell in their back seat.

According to Memphis police, instead of selling brand new iPads, they were selling picture frames and packs of notebook paper. The frames had glued on Apple logos and the fake Macbooks were packs of paper that were packaged like an Apple laptop with Radio Shack price tags.

When officers spoke to the men, the driver said, "He didn't mean any harm towards the woman, he just wanted to make some money doing something dumb."

It was a "dumb" stunt that earned Jeromiah Williams and Christopher Williams mugshots. Photos not usually reserved for picture frames.

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