Beale Street brawl brothers face judge

Beale Street
Beale Street

(WMC-TV) – Two brothers involved in a brawl on Beale Street that injured four police officers faced a judge Monday.

Mario Bills is charged with aggravated assault on an officer and three counts of assault on an officer. Myrus Williams faces two counts of assault on an officer.

Memphis police were forced to pepper spray the two men in order to get them under control. Two other people were arrested, too.

Police say despite what you may hear, this type of incident is unusual for Beale Street.

"Well, the majority of the time down on Beale Street there is no problem," said Karen Rudolph, Memphis Police Department.

It all began when a group of people was denied entry to Club 152 due to the dress code. A disagreement ensued between the group of men and club security.

"This incident is not specifically a downtown issue. It's officers citywide having to deal with this," said Rudolph. "So sometimes, we do face some sort of resistance from the suspects and an officer may get injured."

Officers Robert Forbert and Christopher Brown were treated on the scene for minor scrapes and bruises. Officer Kenneth Gibbs and Joseph Vale were rushed to the hospital but have since been released.

Loquioua Dobbins and Shaketa Phillips were also arrested after the fight and charged with disorderly conduct for failing to leave the area when officers asked. Phillips was charged with public intoxication.

"Beale Street is a fun environment and it's a place where they can go and enjoy themselves," explained Rudolph. "Just obey the laws whenever you're down there."

Two of the police officers involved in the fight are back on duty. The two others will join them soon.

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