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Ami Vineyard Pays It Forward: 6/11


This week's Pay It Forward segment starts out near 50th and Quaker.  In less than a minute, we are approached by Ami Vineyard. Ami has seen Pay It Forward before and immediately thought of Erika Gulick.

Erika was volunteering for Vacation Bible School at Monterey Baptist Church with Ami.  Erika is a college student who is married and has children. Their washing machine had just gone down the day before and Ami wanted to help them out. 

We make the short journey down the street to Monterey Baptist Church where we find Erika spending time with several children. Ami walks in and delivers $300 to Erika.  Erika is caught completely offguard and is excited! Erika explains how their washing machine had just gone out.  She told us that the cost of a new washer was approximately $300, so the money would go directly to that. 

Erika is thankful for the generosity that Ami displayed and sent an e-mail to us Monday afternoon letting us know that they indeed have a new washing machine!!

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon!  You could become our next playmaker and help someone out!

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