Woman charged with harboring a fugitive

A Mid-South woman is behind bars in DeSoto County, charged with harboring a fugitive.

Convicted felon James Hopkins led authorities on a three day manhunt across the state before he was captured in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

Now we are learning that authorities not only believe Hopkins was in DeSoto County at some point, but also may have had help.

Just outside of a Southaven apartment complex, a security gate aims to keep the wrong people out.

But on Wednesday, Chopper 5 captured exclusive video of investigators searching for Hopkins.

Authorities say Hopkis escaped from a jail outside of Raymond, Mississippi because of what prison officials called 'faulty locks'.

"That's crazy," said one apartment resident.

Authorities didn't catch Hopkins until more than 12 hours later in the southern part of the state, but they believe he was in the Memphis area.

"We do believe he was in the Desoto County area at one point, I don't have any details about what he was doing or where he was staying at the time. All of that is under investigation at this time, but we do have good reason to believe he was in that area," said Adam Lee with the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Hopkins was serving 20 years for a previous escape, grand larceny, and possession with the intent to manufacture from Rankin County, Mississippi.

It was alarming for area residents to learn Hopkins may have been nearby.

"It's a growing area, it's really becoming a very wide area of people so it is scary for the area," said one woman who wished to remain anonymous.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that authorities say Hopkins had local help. Gina Amanda "Amy" McCallahan is charged with harboring a fugitive.

Neighbors say McCallahan should remain in jail too if she had knowledge of his escape.

"If she harbored him and she knew about it than yeah she needs to be in jail," said Abraham Rice.

Investigators say Hopkins' getaway car is believed to be McCallahan's.

"He was driving a vehicle believed to be that of his, I guess, acquaintance," Lee said.

While some Southaven residents were shocked to hear of McCallahan's arrest, others say with so many people moving to the area, nothing surprises them anymore.

"It's not like it was 22 years ago when it was a smaller community and a lot of things would surprise you that happened down here, but it's getting more and more to be like a large city," Rice said.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections said that McCallahan's charge could be upgraded, possibly to aiding and abetting a fugitive, depending on the outcome of their investigation.

We tried to go to the apartment complex to talk with McCallahan or those who knew her, but were asked to leave.