Men arrested for burglarizing business, torching it

(WMC-TV) - Two men are in custody after police say they burglarized a store then set it on fire.

Smoldering ash and rubble is all that is left of the Family Dollar store in Hughes, Arkansas.

St. Francis County Sheriff Bobby May said two men are under arrest and they are in the process of questioning a third person.

Kendrick Robinson, 18, and Walter Brooks, 17, are charged with commercial burglary, theft, and arson.

The burglary and fire happened around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning. Investigators say the teenagers broke in the store, stole cell phones and other electronics, and then used lighter fluid to set the store on fire.

Property owner Wallace Lock is mostly concerned with his employees.

"It's put all these people out of work. So my concern is all these people who were depending on work to pay bills, won't have money now," he said.

Several businesses nearby were also damaged by the smoke and fire.

"There are many questions we don't have answers to yet or have answers for, but in time we'll find answers," said Lock.

Investigators say no one was injured or in any danger during the blaze.

Most of the stolen merchandise was recovered at the fiery scene, stashed behind the building. Other goods were located at Robinson's home.

"Me and the other business associates will get together to decide what the future may hold, whether it's continuing what we're doing or doing something else," said Lock.

So far, no bond has been set for either men. A third person was questioned. He has not been charged.

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