Man admits to robbing motel at gunpoint

Nicholas Rucker / Courtesy of Shelby County Jail
Nicholas Rucker / Courtesy of Shelby County Jail

(WMC-TV) – A man confessed to robbing a motel at gunpoint and taking off with the safe.

Early Monday morning, the InTown Suites' security officer was called by a man who said he needed to be let inside his room.

The security officer went to the room and was approached at gunpoint by two men. The suspects forced him back to the main office and told him to open the motel's safe.

When the security officer could not get the safe open, the men loaded it onto a dolly and took it.

Investigators were able to identify Nicholas Rucker as a suspect. When they got to his home, they found the safe.

Rucker admitted to robbing the motel with a 9 millimeter handgun, stealing the safe, and splitting the money with his accomplice.

The other suspect has yet to be identified.

Rucker is charged with aggravated robbery.

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