Residents clean up what storms left behind

(WMC-TV) - The cleanup effort is in full swing in the Mid-South after storms swept through the region leaving damage behind.

Emergency management officials say the majority of damage in Covington happened near the court square area. City crews spent all day Tuesday cleaning up the mess.

Piles of trees and tree limbs lined Main Street and other side streets of Covington as crews worked quickly to get the debris cleaned up.

A home on Main Street had a tree fall through the roof. Homeowners covered the hole with blue tarp until it could be fixed.

Not far from that home, downed trees covered a carport.

"We had just pulled up and the wind was blowing and we had just moved my wife's cousin out of her house and brought the furniture up. Trees were falling everywhere," said homeowner Adam Ennis.

There were also several downed trees at the Covington Country Club.

Power was knocked out to some residents for a short time due to downed limbs and trees.

Covington electric officials were out until the early morning hours repairing electric lines.

One person was killed as a result of Monday's storms. An elderly woman, who was driving her car, was killed when she pulled out in front of another vehicle. Officials say rain was a contributing factor to the accident.

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