Woman brutally attacked by pack of dogs

Miranda Hogan (left) and Lawrence James (right) / Courtesy of Shelby County Jail
Miranda Hogan (left) and Lawrence James (right) / Courtesy of Shelby County Jail

(WMC-TV) - A woman is at The MED fighting for her life after she was attacked by a trio of dogs Tuesday morning.

Witnesses say the woman was walking alone on Faronia Road when two pit bulls and a rottweiler pounced on her.

"It was horrifying. She was all alone," said Laverne Williams, who witnessed the attack.

Another neighbor, Williams Jones, said the three dogs have always seemed aggressive to him and he is always on guard.

"When I walk or ride, I have me an iron rod in my hands, I always carry with me for protection," said Jones.

Laverne's husband Jeremiah said the dogs have gotten loose before. He is not surprised by what happened.

The woman was rushed to The MED in critical condition. She had bites to her head, ears, and legs.

Laverne said she could have died if it were not for the help of a complete stranger.

"This man drove up in a Steri-Cycle truck," she explained. "He reached out of his truck and picked the woman up and put her in the truck. While he was doing that, the dogs were holding onto the lady's leg. And that's the only way that the dogs turned the woman loose."

Laverne said he didn't even think twice before helping.

"He was a hero. He didn't think about being hurt or whatever. He was trying to save this woman from these dogs. And I'm proud of him for that."

The same pack of dogs attacked another woman earlier Tuesday morning. She is in non-critical condition at the hospital.

The dogs's owners, Miranda Hogan, 41, and Lawrence James, 18, denied owning three dogs and only admitted to owning two. They refused to turn over the third dog to officers.

Officers searched their home and found the third dog in the attic. All three were taken by the Memphis Animal Shelter.

Hogan and James were cited for having vicious dogs and for allowing the dogs to run loose.

It is unclear what will happen to the dogs.

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