Tennessee representative's jail booking caught on camera

(WMC-TV) - Tennessee State Representative Curry Todd was caught on camera being booked into the jail after his arrest. The video may be responsible for his grand jury indictment on DUI and handgun possession charges that were handed down less than 24 hours ago.

Now, Todd is facing trial and the possibility of losing everything.

Senior editor and political expert Jackson Baker works with the Memphis Flyer newspaper.

"They are not a breed apart from the rest of us," said Baker. "They've got all the mortal failings and it's kind of scary sometimes that they pass legislation that infects its judgment upon us."

Baker said there is one reason Todd is running unopposed in his Collierville district, even after his indictment Tuesday.

"For all that has happened to him, all the problems he's continuing to have, his constituents like him. He must represent what they want to happen," explained Baker.

The man who ironically championed failed legislation to allow guns in bars is living in tumultuous times.

Todd's divorce finalized the night of his DUI. The retired Memphis police officer's disability payments are under review to see if he truly qualifies. He is battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer, and has faced scrutiny in the Legislature, specifically for an offensive comment during immigration talks.

"He's in the line of fire as a legislator. He takes controversial positions so you've got to give him one thing: He's got some moxie," said Baker.

Todd is also a lawmaker who is now one step closer to a potential criminal record. Baker says, Todd's ultimate fate lies with his maker and his constituents.

"We live in an age in which people make all kinds of allowance for human frailty and I think Curry Todd will profit from that fact," Baker said.

In Tennessee, the pensions of public officials can be revoked for any felony conviction. Todd's charges are misdemeanors.

Todd's attorney said the indictment is part of the process and it came as no surprise. Todd is staying focused on his constituency and his health.

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