Police chief let go after just two weeks on the job

(WMC-TV) - After landing a new job in Hughes, Arkansas, controversial police chief Willie Frazier has already been terminated.  Many people in the small community are wondering why he was let go so soon.

"The council rejected his appointment as police chief last night at our council meeting," said Hughes Mayor Larry Owens.

Frazier formerly worked in Jericho, Arkansas, a job which came with its own share of controversy.

Citizens there were angry over the speeding tickets written by his officers.

A heated court hearing turned into a fight between officers as well as the fire chief. An officer was later accused of shooting the fire chief in the court house.

There were also allegations of police corruption that eventually led to an investigation.

Mayor Larry Owens responded to questions about his decision to appoint Frazier.

"I hired him because that completes the structure of our police department. You have to have a chief and he, at the time, was the best qualified for the job," said the mayor.

But some city council members disagree.

They did not want to speak to Action News 5 on camera about Frazier's personnel record, but some of them said Frazier is not the man for the job because they know very little about him.

Council members also would not comment on Frazier's past.

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