North MS pharmacy suffers rash of break-ins

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A strangely masked man is the latest suspect to strike a Mid-South family pharmacy. Now one pharmacist hopes you can unmask the culprit.

A family-run pharmacy in Benton County, Mississippi has had more break-ins in the last 6 months than it has had in its 30 year history. The owner says the burglars are after one thing, and they are all getting caught on camera.

"There isn't really a lot of crime in this town, but for some reason we've been hit three times," Bailey Melton said.

There have been three break-ins this year alone, with the last one happening overnight Sunday. All different culprits are going after one thing.

"They aren't even looking for money. None of the guys have even looked at the cash registers," Melton said.

They are going for painkillers, and getting creative while doing it.

"It looked like a wrestling mask," Melton said of the latest burglar's mask.

A Mexican wrestling mask would normally make Bailey Melton laugh, but not this time.

"It was pretty weird," he said. "But he had gloves on so we weren't going to figure out who he was from the video."

The suspect stayed in the pharmacy 30 minutes taking several whole containers of drugs. If he was worried about getting caught, you can't tell by the video.

"He went in the bathroom, and then he went and stole some chips from the back," Melton said. "He was on his way out the back door, and I guess he realized the chips were there, so he went back, grabbed the chips and stuffed them in his bag."

Melton says fixing the doors, windows and equipment they break to get in is becoming more expensive than the drugs they steal. Now the family-run pharmacy is taking serious steps to secure the building by reinforcing doors, adding security systems and now warning the mask-wearing bad guys that their days of easy entry are finished.

If you have information about these crimes contact the Benton County Sheriff's Department at 662-224-8941.

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