Storms leave residents in the dark for almost 24 hours

(WMC-TV)- It was almost 24 hours in the dark for some Memphians but now they are glad to see the light.

Monday afternoon's storms ripped through the area and knocked down several power poles, including the ones in Rozalyn Hinely's front yard.

"It's pulled all of the power lines. About four poles down this way and four polls that way and caused just about all of 38111 and 38117 a power outage," said Hinely.

MLGW employee Glen Thomas said so far this year, Monday's storm was one of the strongest the power company has had to deal with so far.

The power company faced a few challenges this time around but regardless, the power has been restored.

"At the height of the restoration period, there were 15,000 customers without power. The last of those were restored early this [Wednesday] morning," said Thomas

Thomas continued, "Sometimes we had damage on the backs of property lines where we had to get equipment into rather tight spaces in order to set poles and reset lines and that kind of work."

Although this power outage may have been an inconvenience for some Memphis residents, some residents are looking on the bright side of things.

Mark Tygesson said, "23 hours is nothing. Two weeks is a lot. Hurricane Elvis and the ice storms, those were longer."

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