Memphis Animal Services employee fired after pet mistakenly euthanized

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Memphis Animal Services mistakenly euthanized one couple's dog, and now the shelter's second in command is out. These alarming revelations came during a heated Memphis Animal Services meeting.

Mistake after mistake at the Memphis animal shelter has led to another tragedy, one that can't be fixed.

A family's dog, Nola was mistakenly euthanized at Memphis Animal Shelter May 4th.

Her owners are shocked.

"Me and this woman here, we don't have kids. We have dogs," Nola's owner Greg Knight said.

In May, Nola and the couple's other dog Uno escaped from the back yard and were picked up by a rabies control officer. Once at the shelter, Nola was accidentally given an early April input date causing her to be euthanized the next day. Nola didn't have a chip, but Uno did, and had they scanned Uno like they were supposed to, Nola would still be alive.

"People who know me know how I feel about my dogs. I didn't call them my dogs. I called them my poo poos, my babies," said owner Victoria Henry.

Victoria Henry just got the news yesterday. More than one month later, in support, the meeting of the shelter advisory board was packed.

"I'm going to say what I'm going to say because it's my dog and I am ticked off," Knight said.

A room full of people was demanding answers from the shelter's interim director, James Rogers.

"I'm concerned that it happened," Rogers said. "I want to make sure the employees understand the gravity of what has happened."

At least one involved has. Rogers second-in-command, Chelton Beamon, the shelter Operations Manager has been fired.

Fired, "as a result of failures to perform the duties of his position," Rogers explained.

The shelter employee who put in the wrong information is still employed at the shelter.

Nola's owner was charged 165 dollars for holding their other dog UNO. In light of the tragic situation, the director says that money will be reimbursed.

We do know a shelter employee has received a written reprimand in connection to the Nola incident, but the city can't release a name or position at the shelter.

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