'Roadside scammer' will appear in court Friday

Joe Boyce / Photo courtesy of Shelby County Jail
Joe Boyce / Photo courtesy of Shelby County Jail

(WMC-TV) – After more than one year, police finally found the man they have been looking for and he will appear in court Friday.

Joe Boyce is accused of running a scam that preyed on trusting drivers.

Police say Boyce acted like a good Samaritan as he pulled up alongside drivers and told them they should pull over because he had seen something fall off of their cars.

He succeeded in getting five different women to pull over and allowing him to look underneath their car hoods.

After spending some time looking at the engine, Boyce would tell the driver the car was leaking transmission fluid and that he could fix the problem for far cheaper than a repair shop.  Police say he was the one cutting their transmission lines.

Some of the victims accepted the offer. Police say Boyce stole thousands of dollars and did even more in auto damage.

Investigators say Boyce ran this scam from March 2011 until May 2012.

Barton's Repair Shop mechanic Jason Huffman says this scam is nothing new and the transmission line often presents an easy target.

"I guess for them to say it's a transmission line, it's easy to get to because a lot of times it's a little piece of rubber and they can snip it and slide a little filter in it, get their money and they're gone and you'll never see 'em again," said Huffman.

Boyce is charged with multiple counts of theft and vandalism. He is also charged with domestic assault after police say he punched, spit on, and threw chemical cleanser at his ex-girlfriend's face.

His bond is set at $40,000.

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