Teen shot near community swimming pool

(WMC-TV) - Bright yellow crime scene tape surrounded the blue water at the Douglass community pool Thursday afternoon.

What started as a day to cool off by the pool, turned into a frightening afternoon.

As the temperatures rose, so did tensions.

Memphis Police say an argument lead to a shooting that has a teenager recovering at the hospital.

The suspect is known by police, but remained on the loose late Thursday.

Artieka Smith was setting up for a weekend event in the park when she heard the commotion.

"Next thing we knew we heard a couple of shots and we saw a lot of people running," said Smith.

Police say a 19-year-old male was shot in the ankle, not far from children trying to enjoy their summer.

"I saw a lot of police out there and said somebody probably got shot," said neighbor Chris Crawley.

In a matter of minutes, the fun in the sun was over as pool workers packed things in early for the day.

Crawley said it was alarming to hear that the incident occurred so close to children.

"They should keep that amongst themselves and not near the kids," Crawley said.

Police said two young men got into an argument and when one didn't apologize, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the ankle.

"It's a very bad start to the summer," Smith said.

Smith is with other organizers setting up for Juneteenth this weekend.

"We're trying to get people to not come out and have any violence in the community," Smith said.

Organizers say along with promoting heritage and history, they also aim to keep crime down.

"The event they got going on is really to stop the violence and then this right here going on where an event they're trying to do is ridiculous," said Lawrence Mitchell.

Police will patrol the area when this park starts filling up Friday, but neighbors say guns should be nowhere near the area.

"It shouldn't be at no place like this, at all," Crawley said.

Smith is remaining positive by looking forward to the Juneteenth festival this weekend.

Memphis Police describe the suspect as a black male, possibly driving a white Dodge Charger. If you know anything that can help investigators, you're urged to call 901.528.2274.

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