Sentencing for mother convicted of murdering baby is delayed...again

Shakara Dickens
Shakara Dickens

(WMC-TV) – The sentencing of a Mid-South mother convicted of murdering her own daughter has been reset to next Friday.  This is the second delay for the sentencing of Shakara Dickens.

Dickens was convicted of murder in connection to the disappearance of her 9-month-old girl.

A jury convicted Dickens of killing her daughter and hiding the body in March 2012.

Lauryn Dickens went missing around Labor Day 2010. Her body was never found.

It was Shakara Dickens' contradicting stories that led the jury to believe she was guilty.

During the trial, the paternal grandparents said they were not babysitting at the time of the baby's disappearance, contrary to one of Shakara Dickens' explanations.

Prosecutors also said Lauryn Dickens was not put up for adoption through a local agency, especially not over Labor Day weekend like Shakara Dickens once claimed.

"This is a case where there really has never been any answers. No one's ever known what happened. And today we don't know and there aren't any answers," said defense attorney Murray Wells.

The prosecution disagrees.

"The jury found that Miss Dickens neglected Lauryn to the point of Lauryn receiving serious bodily injury," said prosecutor Jennifer Nichols. "The jury also found that she knowingly and intentionally killed Lauryn."

Her sentencing was reset because prosecutors filed new motions to seek maximum sentencing on Dickens' murder and child abuse charges.

Dickens faces between 15 and 25 years for each conviction. The prosecutor filed motions with the court asking that she get 25 years on each conviction to be served consecutively. If granted, Dickens would spend 50 years in prison.

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