Cordova teen to stand trial for rape of baby sister

James Prindle
James Prindle

(WMC-TV) – A Cordova teenager will stand trial for the rape of a 23-month-old baby in just a few days. Action News 5 has learned that people are rallying around the teen online.

The disturbing case was supposed to go to trial in adult court in May. It was pushed back until Monday, June 18.

Prosecutors say James Prindle raped his toddler sister in August 2010. When he was arrested for the crime, Prindle was only 15 years old. He is now 17.

While Prindle faces decades behind bars in adult prison if convicted, he is finding support elsewhere in the United States.

A website called does not argue that Prindle's little sister was assaulted, but it does claim that he had nothing to do with it.

It quotes the teen as saying "I only like girls my age or older--that's it. I would rather blow my brains out than ever think about touching my sister."

Investigators allege that Prindle was babysitting for his two younger siblings at their Cordova apartment when some other boys came over.

The toddler was assaulted and they all fabricated a story about a home invasion to try to cover it up.

The other boys were adjudicated in juvenile court on charges besides rape in October 2010.

The Justice for James website it is another teen who is responsible for raping the little girl, but her older brother is the one scheduled to face trial on the charges.

Action News 5 has been told that the prosecution may play a videotape of Prindle's 6 year old brother claiming that Prindle did it.

Prindle's attorney declined to comment because the jury is most likely going to be sequestered.

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