Memphis woman’s home wheelchair ramp vandalized

(WMC-TV) – First it was illness, then a lightning strike at her home.

Problems have been mounting for Windsong Levitch, but the worst blow came a couple of weeks ago when someone destroyed her wheelchair ramp, making her a virtual prisoner in her own house.

The first thing you notice about Windsong Levitch is not her cat, or the wheelchair she's confined to.  It's her tattoos, all 62 of them.

"Every tattoo I have has a meaning," explained Levitch.

Levitch describes herself as Native American-Jewish and to her each tattoo is a religious symbol.

She told us one of her most valued tattoos symbolizes the idea that "you should do no harm to others."

That's why she and her husband Darryl were shocked when they discovered that someone had destroyed her wheelchair ramp and thrown the pieces in her yard.

"I had to go to the hospital, the next day when we came home the ramp was completely destroyed," said Levitch.

The loss of the ramp just adds more stress to the long list of medical problems Levitch is dealing with.

"I've had five heart attacks, the polio is killing my muscles," Levitch stated.

Levitch is also a science-fiction author, and says being unable to leave her house is disrupting her chance of making a living.

"There was a convention last weekend I lost the chance to sell my books I lost the chance to sell the crafts jewelry I make because we can't get me out of the house," Levitch said.

Levitch and her husband say they can't afford to replace the wheelchair ramp so for now she is a prisoner in her own home.  They say their faith and love for each other are helping them through this ordeal

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