Report: False alarms are costing you your safety

(WMC-TV) – A new report is showing that Memphis police are often wasting their time instead of fighting the real problems the city is facing.

The report released today by the Memphis Police Department reveals that false alarm and loose dog calls could be costing you your safety.

According to the study, police were dispatched to more than 66,000 alarm calls in 2011. That same year the department recorded more than 46,000 false alarm calls.

These false alarm calls cost city taxpayers their hard earned money and safety, since the calls are pulling officers away from their patrols.

Right now, the city does have an alarm ordinance, which calls for a $25 fine for each false alarm. But that fee is only required if you have already had four false alarm calls.

The police department's study suggests the city should stiffen those fines and have the alarm company verify the validity of the alarm before police are called.

It also suggests investing in more animal control officers in order to reduce the amount of manpower devoted to dog calls.

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