DeSoto Co. launches new crime stopping initiative

(WMC-TV) - Be Vigilant. That is the message from DeSoto County as a new initiative is launched to reduce crime.

Deputies are going door to door, asking each resident to help reduce crime in their communities.

Residents say they like the new slogan, "Say Something, See Something." They expressed their concerns to the sheriff's department and are now joining forces to fight crime.

"We all look out for each other and we have one golden rule: don't mess around with the neighborhood," said DeSoto County resident Eva Johnson.

Eva Johnson is a member of the Green Tea Neighborhood Watch. She may be 70 years old, but she says criminals know better than to target her community.

"If you do, we're here and we don't put up with any crap," said Johnson.

For the past two months, DeSoto County Sheriff's deputies have canvassed unincorporated neighborhoods with an awareness message.

The old neighborhood watch signs will soon come down and new signs will go up to encourage residents to keep a watchful eye and be vocal.

The sheriff's department launched a new way for residents to report crime. They can do so by sending an e-mail to

See something, say something. Keeping a watchful eye, deputies say it's still the best way for a community to combat crime.

"We don't know exactly if there's somebody suspicious but they do, that's the tip we need. If it's not supposed to be in their neighborhood let us know," said Lt. Jason Smith, DeSoto County Sheriff's Department.

"A lot of people think that they don't have to get involved. You have to get involved if you want to make your neighborhood safe," said Johnson.

The sheriff's office wants residents to keep their eyes peeled, but never pursue someone suspicious.

"All we need is their eyes and ears and their brains. If they can tell us what's wrong then we can fix it for them," explained Lt. Smith.

Lt. Smith said residents can also call in their tips to the Desoto County Sheriff's Department at 662-429-1460.

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