Prison employees raise money for officer killed in riot

Catlin Carithers, 24, was killed in a prison riot on his day off.
Catlin Carithers, 24, was killed in a prison riot on his day off.

(WMC-TV) - A Mississippi correctional officer was killed in the line of duty in late May.  Now officials at a West Tennessee prison are getting together to raise money for the victim's family.

Catlin Carithers, 24, always dreamed of working inside a prison.

He was living his dream, going into work on his day off at the Adams County Correctional facility in Natchez, when he was beaten to death during a prison riot May.

"He was motivated about his job, he liked what he did. This was the career profession that he wanted to be and he was excited about his job," said corrections spokesperson Nechol Owens.

Now, Carithers' colleagues at the Whiteville Correctional Facility in Hardeman County are working together to raise money for his family.

"Decided we were gonna do a little golf tournament, try to raise a little money.  From that we've grown to a tournament of 20 teams, 25 local sponsors," added CCA Whiteville employee John Severson.

Prison officials will hold a golf tournament in Carithers' memory Thursday at the Chickasaw Golf Course in Henderson, Tennessee.

It took less than one month to organize the golf tournament, but it was the least they could do to help Carithers' family.

"Sad, angry, maybe that something happened to one of our brothers but we walk through these gates every day...this is what we face," Severson said.

"When you work for CCA, CCA is a family, so when one hurts, we all hurt," agreed Owens.

If you'd like to play in Thursday's golf tournament, you can register until 9 a.m. Thursday.  That is when the tournament starts.

The cost is $50 per player and $200 per team.

The money raised will go directly to Carithers' family.

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