Pampered pup's 'air swimming' video causes outrage

'Dog Swimming' video causes outrage
'Dog Swimming' video causes outrage
Tennessee Rep. Julia Hurley removed the video almost as fast as she posted it
Tennessee Rep. Julia Hurley removed the video almost as fast as she posted it

(WMC-TV) – A video of a dog "air swimming" is making national headlines and the dog's owner, who happens to be a Tennessee lawmaker, is under fire because of it.

Tennessee Representative Julia Hurley is not a stranger to controversy. The freshman lawmaker garnered national attention after the 2010 elections when she credited her success to the time she spent working at Hooters.

Now, it is her Chinese-crested, Pepper, who is making the headlines. When a video of Hurley holding her dog outside of the car hit YouTube, it apparently caused such an uproar that Hurley took it down almost as fast as it was posted.

"We were going 10 miles an hour. I'm dumfounded that this has become an issue, I really am. And it's just one more case of a political attack," said Rep. Julia Hurley.

Pepper is a pampered pooch with her own wardrobe. She needs SPF 100 sunscreen every time she goes outside and a daily bath followed by a coconut oil rub for her dry skin.

"She's gluten intolerant, as well, so she's on a very high protein, low gluten diet. She loves yogurt, so that's good," said Hurley.

As for the "air swimming", Hurley said she found out almost as soon as the 5-year-old pup came to live with her that Pepper adores the wind on her body.

"Every time we're in the convertible, if I'm not with other people, I have to take one of the walkers and stick it under my leg because she will try to get her whole body outside. She loves it," Hurley explained.

Although Hurley believes Pepper also loves all the attention from the "air swimming" video, she does not plan to post anymore videos from her personal life anymore.

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