Mall burglarized for cell phones

LaDarious King (Source: Shelby County Jail)
LaDarious King (Source: Shelby County Jail)
Vandon Clay (Source: Shelby County Jail)
Vandon Clay (Source: Shelby County Jail)

(WMC-TV) – Two men are behind bars after breaking into a mall to steal cell phones.

Police were called to a burglary at the Southland Mall in Whitehaven. When they arrived, they noticed the glass door had been shattered.

Inside, officers found two men wearing black clothing and backpacks. They chased them but the suspects were able to get away by breaking another glass door.

The suspects ditched the backpacks, which officers found in the parking lot. The backpacks contained 75 cell phones, cell phone batteries, a laptop, screwdriver, chisel and a hammer.

Three kiosks inside the mall had been burglarized. One of them did have video cameras and recorded the burglary. The owner of that kiosk recognized one of the suspects, LaDarious King, as a former employee.

King admitted to breaking in to the mall and stealing the cell phones and cash from one of the kiosks. He identified his partner in crime as Vandon Clay, who was also arrested.

The cell phones the two men stole from the kiosks are valued at $10,006 dollars. The laptop was valued at $500 and the cell phone accessories found in the backpacks are valued at $2,500. They also took $636 in cash.

King and Clay both face charges of burglary, theft of property, and vandalism.

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