Banks scam makes its rounds throughout Mid-South

(WMC-TV) - It's a debit card scam that targets your cell phone, and now it is even targeting one Mid-South police officer.

"Notification. It seems that your debit card has been involved in fraudulent activities. To avoid debit card suspension, please press one and complete the identity verification process. Thank you."

That is the phone message Selmer Police Lieutenant Roger Rickman got on his cell phone two nights ago.

Rickman is just one of the most recent victims of this Mid-South bank scam that's calling your cell phone.

"Yesterday, I know of like twenty people that had been called by this system and today, there's been about fifty people so far," Lt. Rickman said.

Rickman said he never answered the two calls he received because he didn't recognize the number.

He also said these calls are hard to trace.

"I think that when we get down to find out where its coming from, it'll probably be overseas. Nigeria or someplace like that," he added.

Police say this automated system is calling, claiming to be from banks like Regions, InSouth, and Bancorp South.

Investigators say smaller community banks are also being targeted.

"The best thing to do is not give any personal information over the phone because your bank is not going to call your requesting that information. If you get an email requesting information, delete it and notify local authorities," Rickman suggested.

Lieutenant Rickman said there has only been one reported victim in Selmer.

That victim got her money back and her card canceled simply by calling her bank.

Police advise that if you get the same call, just hang up the phone.

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