Two people shot in Whitehaven

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A chaotic shooting scene in Whitehaven had a day care center scrambling. Police say two men with gunshot wounds were transported here after the shooting. Day care workers thank God no children were injured.

Employees say between five and 10 children were at the Green Light Learning Center on East Holmes at Millbranch when shots were fired nearby.

"I just saw guys running with blood coming all down on them," a witness said.

Toya Harmon, an employee with the daycare immediately thought of protecting the children, some of whom were outside.

"I was just trying to get the kids who were leaving at that time back in so they wouldn't be in the firing line," she said.

Police say the shooting happened just after four o'clock Thursday during some sort of argument between a number of men outside a neighboring convenience store. They say at least one gunshot went off inside the store. One employee said he hid inside the cooler.

Initially, officers were unsure how many shots were fired, but say at least three men were injured, two of them shot, all within feet of the daycare.

"If they see it's a daycare here why have all that violence around where you know kids are at? That's just crazy," said daycare employee Evealene Williams. "Whoever did it didn't take no thought of that. They could care less. And I just think it's time that all this violence stops. It's just so, so heartbreaking."

Police questioned two men on the scene and later confirmed a person of interest was in custody. The double shooting victims arrived at The MED in non-critical condition.

Charges have yet to be filed.

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