Grant awarded to harness the power of the river

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis man's dream to harness the power of the river is coming true.

Jeff Green was awarded a $125,000 Clean Tennessee Energy Grant. His success could change the way you and your neighbors get electricity.

While accepting his new grant, Memphian Jeff Greene described the turbine systems he plans to put in the river as a victory for the environment.

"There are no emissions no pollution we take energy that was being wasted and convert it into electricity," said Greene, CEO Greene Turbine LLC.

The key to his project will be to harness the river and its tremendous flow by putting hundreds of huge turbines into the river. They will allow water to flow into the device and turn the turbines, which will create a steady supply of energy.

"We're talking about each turbine powering 100 houses, that's 130 kilowatts of power," explained Greene.

The Department of Environment and Conservation's Clean Tennessee Energy Grant Program is sponsoring the grant.

"We put money in to give it back to the community to promote clean energy and emissions reductions and that's how we came about with this clean energy program," said Bob Martineau with the Department of Energy and Conservation.

Sixteen other individuals and companies also received money for various projects.

Covington's mayor was on hand to accept a $250,000 grant for his community.

Over the next five years, some $26 million dollars will be given away through the Clean Tennessee Energy Grant Program.

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