Woman injured when car crashed into her home

(WMC-TV) – A woman was knocked off of her porch when a rental car ran into her house Friday morning.

The accident happened on Standridge Street just after 8 a.m.

The woman's niece, Dominique Curry, said that her aunt liked to spend every morning sitting on porch.

60-year-old Oneda Loverson's morning tradition was cut short when someone drove a white Toyota Camry into her home, knocking her off of her porch so violently her shoe and wig fell off.

"She was already paralyzed from an earlier part of her life when she had a stroke," said Curry.

Curry said three men were in the car when it crashed into the house. One of the men ran away as soon as he got out of the vehicle. The other two men were concerned enough to check and see if she was okay.

"When my niece started calling the police they took off running," said Linda.

Oneda was left trapped under a floor board from her porch. She was taken to The MED in critical condition.

"A board was in her back. My nephew tried to help her pull the board out of her back," said Linda.

The victim's niece said they believe she broke her leg and her nose.

Curry said her aunt is expected to recover but she hopes people will think first before doing something that could hurt others.

"We have a long hot summer ahead of us, it's just the beginning, and we just need to be mindful and help one another," she said.

Oneda is in stable condition now.

Meanwhile, police are still looking for the three men who fled the scene after crashing into the home.

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