Mother saved by children after accident on bridge

Evette Harris
Evette Harris
Harris' children, who tried to save their mother
Harris' children, who tried to save their mother

(WMC-TV) - Memphis mother Evette Harris could not help but cry while recalling her daughter's frantic 911 call.

"I'm 10 years old, somebody help us," said Harris. "We on the bridge," she added. "And she kept saying mama, mama."

Harris was helplessly pinned between her van and a guardrail on the always busy I-55, or old bridge. It happened while crossing the river on her birthday.

"I ran out of gas," said Harris.

Harris got trapped while attempting to push the van onto the non-existent shoulder.

"My daughter tried to get the van off of me turning the wheel," said Harris. "My son got out was pushing the van, by themselves," she added. "But they couldn't get the van off of me."

The children risked their lives before finally flagging down a motorist while 10 year-old Heaveney Jones called police.

"I told them I was just 10 years-old and they needed to hurry up," said Jones. "Cause my mom said she was about to die," she added.

"He kept trying to wake me up," said Harris of her 9 year-old son. "Mama don't die, mama don't die," she added.

Harris says she blacked out during her rescue and will spend weeks mending her wounds. She plans to keep the children she calls her guardian angels close by.

"Cause if they weren't with me I wouldn't have made it," said Harris.

Harris also plans to never cross the river again with an empty tank.

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