Bath Salts warning from mid-south mother

Abby Henderson, at age 10
Abby Henderson, at age 10

(WMC-TV) -A warning about the dangers of bath salts and synthetic drugs, from a mother who witnessed the damage they can cause first hand.

We talked with the mother of the 17-year-old girl.  She has a horrifying story of a nightmare that has not ended.

Monica Henderson talked with Action News 5 about her daughter Abby.  Henderson says she looks very different now from photographs taken when she was 10.  Her mother says she now looks more like a crack addict.  And she says it is all because of a cocktail of synthetic marijuana and bath salts.

"She started crying and she said can you help me momma?  I don't know what I'm doing.  She attacked one girl who was here.  She went to bed the next morning.  She seemed ok then later on in the afternoon she attacked 3 girls who were here," said Henderson.

Henderson says her daughter attacked her son.

"She just started attacking him and biting him.  Then my nephew tried to break it up and they couldn't control her. She was super strong like," Henderson stated.

The teenagers mother said her daughter started cleaning everything.  She started cleaning the microwave by licking the door, the plate inside, even the inside of the microwave.

Monica Henderson says her once sweet, happy daughter is now institutionalized.  Later on, she will have to go to a rehab facility.  Henderson said she learned her daughter had been using the synthetic drugs 3 or 4 times a week…and she wants to warn people.

"That is the same drug people are eating other people's faces off for," said Henderson.

The synthetic drugs are illegal but people can still get them easily.  Monica Henderson doesn't want what happened to her daughter happening to anyone else.

"Abby won't be coming home," Henderson said.

Monica Henderson hopes her daughter's psychotic episodes will stop, but so far they have not.

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