16-year-old dead after apartment complex shooting

Cleveion Coley, 16-year-old victim
Cleveion Coley, 16-year-old victim
Montera Park Apartments, formerly Kingsgate Apartments
Montera Park Apartments, formerly Kingsgate Apartments

(WMC-TV) - A  teen was killed Friday at a Memphis Apartment complex with a history of violence, now police are searching for his killer.

Residents say 16-year-old Cleveion Coley is not the first victim of violence at the Montera Park apartments and will not be the last unless more is done to stop the "Kingsgate Mafia" gang.

Formerly the Kingsgate Park apartments, Montera Park is located in Whitehaven off Winchester and Millbranch.

"It needs to stop, so many people over here losing their life over nothing," stated resident Katrina Washington.

A friend of Coley said, "It was over 5 dollars, something he didn't have to lose his life over".

Memphis police were flagged down in the area around 9 p.m. Friday and found Coley inside an apartment suffering from a gunshot wound.

He was transported to the MED where he later died.

"I had just saw him earlier," Washington explained.

Despite the influx of security, residents say gang members dominate their community.

Beverly Dean was shot last month trying to protect her daughter.

"They're constantly telling our teenage daughters either you get down with Kingsgate mafia or you get out of the apartments," said Dean.

In a four-month period of 2011, officers responded to nearly 900 calls at the complex known then as New Horizon.

Memphis Police, city officials, and the District Attorney's office intervened declaring the apartments a "public nuisance".

"We have received numerous calls about gang members recruiting students from this particular apartment complex," said Harold Collins with the Memphis City Council.

Even after the efforts of law enforcement, and yet another name change to the complex, residents say it's still unsafe to walk outside their door.

"If it's that crucial that you can lose your life just by standing around and not evening doing anything to anybody then people just need to stay in the house," stated resident Nisha Neal.

Investigators believe Coley knew the person responsible for his murder, however, no one is in custody at this time.   Anyone with information that may lead to an arrest is urged to call Crimestoppers at 901-528-CASH (2274).

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