West Memphis Three attorney says families will view evidence

(WMC-TV) - The prosecuting attorney in the West Memphis Three murder case says he will allow the families of the murdered cub scouts to view evidence in the decades-old case.

This comes after the mother of one of the victims sued police.

"It's been an ongoing time of grief for them," said prosecuting attorney Scott Ellington.

Ellington said he'll do everything the law allows to accommodate one mother's unique request to view evidence in her son's murder.

"To them, it's considered old evidence.  To me it's precious memories," stated Pam Hicks, mother of Stevie Branch.

Friday, Pam Hicks sued West Memphis Police to view the clothes her 8-year-old son Stevie was wearing at the time of his murder, the last bicycle he rode, shoe laces the killer used to bind him, and other items.

"We're trying to just reach out, show compassion, and be willing to at least show them some of these items and let them have some sort of closure," Ellington said.

Hicks is one of three sets of parents whose children were slaughtered in Arkansas' most infamous West Memphis Three murder case 19 years ago.

"With these particular families, the loss of their children has been brought back to the surface over and over and over.  It's been a re-injury every time," Ellington added.

Hicks said she was distraught, after autopsy photos of her son showed up on eBay.  Ellington has talked with police about that.

"I've been assured there's been no physical evidence removed and sold," Ellington stated.

Ellington said Hicks' request is different than the past because, this time, she did not ask for police to give her the items.

"It's a little bit different.  Viewing, as opposed to taking possession," said Ellington.

According to Ellington the law will not allow Hicks to actually handle the items to prevent contamination.  And a state statute requires police hold the evidence for 99 years.

So far, Ellington has spoken about this with two of the victims' parents: Hicks and Byers.  He plans to reach out to the Moore's.  They will schedule the viewing date and parameters at a later time.

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