Memphis Animal Services holds logo re-design contest

(WMC-TV) - Memphis Animal Services is calling on the community to turn the pound's image around.

The city will launch a logo redesign contest on the heels of recent reprimands.

After more than a dozen of arrests and firings of shelter employees, two recent reprimands and a firing, the city is making moves to make the community part of the solution.

Even with new digs, Memphis Animal Services is struggling to leave behind its old reputation.

"The remaking is the most important thing. The re-branding is sort of like frosting on the cake. We're working from within," said Mayor A C Wharton.

The re-branding includes an Animal Services logo redesign contest.

The pound currently displays a generic City of Memphis logo.

A logo design by a Memphis citizen will be chosen to replace it.

The contest comes weeks after the city fired pound supervisor Chelton Beamon.

The city said he got a bad performance review following after accidentally euthanizing a dog named Nola.

A worker wrote the wrong date on her tag, so it appeared she was at the shelter one month, when it was only one day.

"Breakdowns that brought about the Nola situation were things effective management would have avoided. That's why we zeroed in on management," said Mayor Wharton.

The mayor said the effort to turn around the shelter is methodical because firings can be reversed by the Civil Service Commission.

"Some people say it should be more. It's better to go with what you can sustain, than to have it reversed," he said.

Wharton noted performance reviews are new.

"At one time, we didn't have performance reviews. Are we perfect yet? No. Are we working toward perfection? Yes," he said.

While some animal activists say pets should never be given away as a prize, the person with the best MAS logo redesign will get a free adoption, a month's supply of pet food, and a $50 dollar Petco gift card.

The contest runs July 1 through July 15. Logos must not be larger than 10 megabytes. Entries can be e-mailed to or faxed to 901-636-1430.

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