Mo' Money Taxes under fire on Capitol Hill

(WMC-TV) - Mo' Money Taxes is under fire and is facing a Congressional panel.

The owner, founder, and CEO contends Mo' Money Taxes has done nothing wrong. But the ongoing saga is about to take center stage on Capitol Hill.

On Thursday morning, the United States House Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on crime, terrorism, and homeland security will engage in an oversight hearing on identity theft and income tax preparation.

"There will be a hearing on Thursday. I think it's fraud. And nobody should be, that's an awful thing that people did not get their tax returns," said Memphis Democrat Steve Cohen.

Cohen is one of two congressmen who requested the hearing after long list of complaints that spanned over several months. Each of those complaints centered on Mo' Money Taxes.

Some customers got bogus tax refund checks, while some got nothing at all. Some found personal records tossed in the dumpster outside the building.

In April, IRS criminal investigators seized property from Mo' Money headquarters.

Thursday's hearing on Capitol hill is a general discussion of the tax preparation issue but Cohen said Mo' Money Taxes will be a topic of conversation.

"Possibly had some questions, we don't know if there's illegalities or not, but that's something the justice department or somebody may be looking into," said Cohen.

In addition, the Illinois Attorney General sued Mo' Money Taxes. The tax preparer answered the complaint late last week and has every intention of taking the battle to court.

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Copyright 2012 WMC-TV. All rights reserved.