MPD: Drunken Bicyclist Assaulted Officers

(WMC-TV) - What neighbors say about 40 year-old Johnny Tate must be true judging by the empty beer cans that litter his front yard and even fill the planters on his porch.

"Well, I know he drinks his beer," said neighbor Emma Taylor.

But Taylor says Tate could not be nicer.

"If he doesn't say "Ms. Taylor" he says "Ms. T," said Taylor. "Yes ma'am and no ma'am," she added.

Taylor and others find it difficult to believe Tate would fight with police. But that's what he's accused of doing Sunday night after officers say they observed Tate riding his bicycle down Eva Street while intoxicated. They say he prevented vehicles from safely passing.

Police say they even saw Tate consuming a large can of beer while riding his bike. He's then accused of cursing at officers, shoving one of them, and taking swings at three others before finally being subdued inside his house.

Officers say Tate cut his face on the bicycle which by then was lying on his living room floor.

"As far as I know, he's a pretty nice guy," said Taylor.

"Been raised over here my whole life," said neighbor John Harris. "He ain't never got into it with anybody or nothing," he added. "It's not in his nature," said Harris.

Memphis Police disagreed. They charged Tate with multiple crimes including assault, evading arrest, and public intoxication.

Tate was being held without bond at last check.

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