Controversial coach hired in South Panola

(WMC-TV) - Parents and even coaches at South Panola High are just finding out that the school has hired a controversial former Jackson Mississippi coach named Marlon Dorsey. They are not happy.

"I'm scared for my children," said Regina Morgan. "I don't know what to expect out of him."

Cell phone video shot in 2010 is what scares Regina Morgan the mother of four children who go to South Panola High and middle school. The video shows former Jackson Mississippi head basketball coach, Marlon Dorsey, whipping basketball players with a weight belt as punishment for not performing on the court.

Not long after the video came out, Dorsey resigned.

"That's scary to think about, said Robert Lester. "That's scary to think about."

In the fall Dorsey will begin work here South Panola High as a teacher and assist with athletic programs at all levels.

South Panola County Schools Superintendent, Keith Shaffer said he knew about Dorsey's past and believes he deserves a second chance.

The girl's and boy's basketball coaches at South Panola said they did not know Dorsey was being hired.

Girl's coach, Ralph Stallings told Action News 5 that he understands that Dorsey will act as an assistant to him and the boy's team.

"I was disappointed when I first heard about it because I hadn't been told or consulted," Stallings said. "They didn't give me his name, just that he would be the assistant for the boys and girls and junior high."

Coach Stallings also said he knows Dorsey and they have different coaching philosophies. And he is not happy about the hire or the way it happened.

"It makes me really upset," Stallings said.

Several South Panola High parents are trying to set up a meeting with the superintendent to discuss the hiring. There are also federal civil lawsuits involving the weight belt whippings Dorsey administered in Jackson.

Action News 5 will keep you updated on this evolving story.

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