Tracking device helps find missing people with medical needs

(WMC-TV) - When an Alzheimer's patient goes missing, it can be a devastating time for the family and first responders. But, one little device could shorten that search drastically.

The small bracelet is already proving its worth to families and law enforcement agencies.

In Illinois, the bracelet made by Care Trak has been helping authorities track down missing people since 2008.

The tracking device has GPS capabilities, and it is given to families who prove their loved one has a medical need, like Alzheimer's.

The GPS is turned on when the wearer is reported missing. Care Trak founders say that those searches usually have a happy ending.

"We have found people in corn fields, tobacco fields, on moving buses in a variety of different locations." But of course we had to try it ourselves," said Care Trak's Michael Chylewski.

Police officers say when someone goes missing, time is of the essence.

Knowing a person's exact location at the time they are reported missing could mean the difference between life and death.

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