State district attorneys crack down on bath salts

(WMC-TV) - There is a new statewide crackdown on synthetic drugs in the Mid-South.

The new crackdown involves every district attorney in the state of Tennessee.

Starting this fall, these DA's will go to schools with a new video intended to teach students the dangers of prescription and synthetic drug abuse.

The drugs are known by many names, including bath salts, K2, Spice and Molly's Plant Food.

"Even though the substances are sold as being safe or FDA approved, they are not. They're manufactured synthetic drugs. They're dangerous," said District Attorney Mike Dunavant.

Dunavant and other Tennessee DA's recently made a video, featuring Tennesseans addicted to synthetic drugs.

They will soon be crossing the state, educating kids on the dangers of these drugs. They will also be on the lookout for those who sell them.

"Convenience stores, gas stations, other vendors who are manufacturing or selling it across the counter to people. We're also targeting young people who are in possession of it as well because we want to eliminate it," Dunavant added.

Dangers of these drugs include violent outbursts, hallucinations, paranoia, seizures, increased blood pressure, kidney failure, and suicidal thoughts.

District Attorney Dunavant said his office is seeing younger users of these dangerous drugs.

"In juvenile court, we prosecute these so we're finding increasingly younger and younger children being addicted to controlled substances through pill form," continued the DA.

Starting July 1, punishment for selling or using synthetic drugs increases.

The new sentence will be up to six years in prison and the seizure and shut down of businesses who sell the products.

The state district attorney's conference is already working with directors of schools here in West Tennessee to set up a fall schedule for them to present their program.

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