Meter reader saves woman stranded in hot sun with a broken hip

Joyce Cole, 70, was rescued by an MLGW meter reader after she fell and broke her hip in the hot sun
Joyce Cole, 70, was rescued by an MLGW meter reader after she fell and broke her hip in the hot sun

(WMC-TV) – An electricity meter reader is now a hero after saving an elderly woman who broke her hip in the hot sun.

78-year-old Joyce Cole fell in her backyard while gardening in the 100 degree heat.

"I was almost finished, and I saw four Okra plants that had a little positive Okra and I thought, 'Well, I must water those Okra,'" said Cole.

After she had fallen, Cole wasn't able to get up. Since her backyard is enclosed, nobody could see or hear her.

"I was in a predicament and wondering how I would get up," she explained.

She was stranded for four hours with a broken hip under the hot sun when she realized someone might be stopping by.

"And then I got to thinking, 'Well, the meter reader reads our meter the latter part of the month, each month, and Lord, please let the meter reader come today,'" she said.

Her prayers were answered when Rodney Thompson showed up.

The meter he came to read happened to be on the same side of the house as Cole's garden.

"She was just sitting there," said Thompson. "Said she needed help."

That is when Thompson went into action. He called 911 and knocked on the neighbor's door.

Her neighbor, Robert Wallis, brought her a glass of ice water and contacted her family.

"I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer because I'm a miracle to be alive for many reasons," said Cole.

Wallis is also calling Thompson a life saver.

"Who knows what might have happened," he said.

"God has a hand in everything. He put me in the right spot for her," said Thompson.

"I'm just real thankful to be alive to give this as a witness and to thank this fellow from MLGW who literally saved my life," said Cole.

Thompson said every meter reader at MLGW would do the same thing He did.

Cole is due to undergo hip replacement surgery Tuesday night.

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