DeSoto County's message for criminals: 'We're going to get you'

(WMC-TV) - A high speed chase through DeSoto County marks the third police chase in just two weeks.

The DeSoto County Sheriff now wants to send a message to criminals on the run: Come in DeSoto County and deputies will take you down.

"Here in the last few weeks, we've had three chases," said Sheriff Bill Rasco. "If you run from us, we're going to get you."

With a helicopter, K9, and radios, the sheriff's office has plenty of tools at their disposal.

"We had a guy that fled from a traffic stop and he was a fugitive wanted out of Memphis for several charges," Sheriff Rasco described one of the chases they encountered recently.

This past weekend, Oxford carjacking suspects tried to make a run for Marshall County, and since it borders DeSoto County, Rasco is always willing to lend a hand to keep criminals out.

"Even though there's jurisdictions there, we work together to get everything apprehended that we possibly can," said Rasco.

The suspects bailed into the woods, but investigators say they know who they are looking for and warrants are out. Rasco wants criminals to get the message that they will be caught.

"Frustrating? Yes, because that puts other people in danger in a high speed chase and they know they've done something wrong and that's why they flee," said Rasco.

When DeSoto County assists other agencies, like they often do, they foot the bill, but Rasco says other counties do repay fuel costs when they use the helicopter.

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